CoP 9: Make systems resilient to outages

Resilience should be built in to IoT devices and services where required by their usage or by other relying systems, taking into account the possibility of outages of data networks and power. As far as reasonably possible, IoT services should remain operating and locally functional in the case of a loss of network and should recover cleanly in the case of restoration of a loss of power. Devices should be able to return to a network in a sensible state and in an orderly fashion, rather than in a massive scale reconnect.

IoT systems and devices are relied upon by consumers for increasingly important use cases that may be safety-relevant or life-impacting. Keeping services running locally if there is a loss of network is one of the measures that can be taken to increase resilience. Other measures may include building redundancy into services as well as mitigations against DDoS attacks. The level of resilience necessary should be proportionate and determined by usage but consideration should be given to others that may rely on the system, service or device as there may be a wider impact than expected.

Primarily applies to: Device Manufacturers, IoT Service Providers

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