Mapping of External References within Guidance and Recommendations

The purpose of this mapping is to show what organisations and bodies or work are most commonly referenced. The mapping shows everything from individual academic papers through to standards from Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs) through to recommendations material from think tanks, individual companies and industry organisations.

The map can be zoomed to look at specific organisations and linkages. Click on each circle to find out more information.

Use of Colours

Each circle is sized and coloured according to the number of references – a lighter green and small circle denotes a small number of references whereas a dark green and larger circle denotes a high number of references.

The legend explains the coloured outer ring of the circles. These denote the type of organisations in the reference as listed. Note that clicking on the circles displays the relationship but not the actual document links. We intend to build this into the visual in the future, but for now the data can be accessed directly in the downloadable files below.

View a full-screen version of this mapping

Download this data

v4 (JSON) (CSV) (ODS)

v3 (JSON) (CSV) (ODS)

v2 (JSON) (CSV) (ODS)

v1 (JSON) (CSV) (ODS)

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